Concrete in the Seine: Lafarge dumped it on another site in Paris

The Lafarge cement maker was filmed, in a video that Europe 1 revealed to you on Tuesday morning, discharging wastewater from one of its factories in the Seine, in the heart of Paris, in the Bercy district. After the publication of our article, the town hall of Paris announced to file a complaint against the construction group. Anne Hidalgo, on social networks, denounced an “ecological scandal”. Contacted, Lafarge deplored “a completely exceptional incident beyond its control”. But new information undermines this version: concrete could have been poured for several years at the foot of the Mirabeau Bridge.

“It's not at all accidental”

At the foot of this listed monument in the capital, which spans the Seine from the 15th to the 16th arrondissements, residents have been observing serious acts committed by Lafarge for years. From her apartment, Maryse Fourcade, vice-president of the local residents' association has a direct view of the concrete batching plant. “Several times I saw Lafarge trucks spill a whitish liquid, which looked like waste water, directly into the Seine”, she tells the microphone of Europe 1. “It is not at all a coincidence , this is not at all accidental, it has been going on for many years! ” she explains, annoyed. “That revolts me.”

“Lafarge must understand that the time for impunity is over”

The photos are overwhelming. The last date was three months ago and all would have been sent to the town hall. Contacted, Emmanuel Grégoire, First deputy at the mayor of Paris, claims to have transmitted them to justice. “It is not a question of saying that the Lafarge group did it on purpose. That will be up to the investigation to say,” he explains at the microphone of Europe 1. “Simply, we have some doubts about the explanation which is given of malicious acts “, advances Emmanuel Grégoire, before warning the construction group. “They must understand that the time of impunity is over,” he says.

The town hall also accuses HAROPA Ports de Paris, which develops, maintains and operates port facilities in Île-de-France, of not having fulfilled its duty of control … which the association of residents has been claiming for years.

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