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Widespread loneliness, anxiety and uncertainty have created the perfect environment for scammers to take advantage of hopeful singles online. After receiving several messages from women who had fallen prey to his internet impostor, Michael McAllister, the author of this week’s Modern Love essay, confronted the man who had used his Instagram photos to lure women into an international romance scam.

When Jonathan Morris and Kaitlyn Folmer met at the Vatican in March 2013, both were in Rome to report on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Mr. Morris, who was a media adviser and a Roman Catholic priest then, described his first encounter with Ms. Folmer, an investigative producer for ABC News, as unforgettable. “She was someone who was really hard to forget,” he said. Seven years later, shortly after he announced his decision to leave the priesthood, he reached out to Ms. Folmer hoping that she remembered him. She did. The couple married on Oct. 17 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

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