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Getting tested for the coronavirus is giving men deep insight into what it’s like to be a woman, says golfer-turned-social media star Paige Spiranac.

On the most recent episode of the 27-year-old’s podcast, “Playing a Round,” the often-half-naked influencer opened up with co-host Josh Temple about the oral COVID-19 test — and Spiranac compared it to giving a man oral sex.

“There’s one that you can just do your mouth, and that one actually is most unpleasant for me. Like, they count 20 seconds where they swirl it around in the back of your mouth,” says Temple, to which Spiranac responds, “Yeah, well, now you know how women feel all the time, so.”

“Would you like to expound on that?” asks Temple, laughing.

That’s when the blond bombshell popped off her blow-by-blowjob account.

“I think it’s pretty self-explanatory,” she says, before going into a graphic comparison. “Guys are such p—ies. They have like something in their mouth and they’re like, ‘Oh no, oh, that’s so uncomfortable.’ Meanwhile girls are having their like heads like thrusted down, guy’s like, ‘That feels amazing.’”

Despite being down to casually make comparisons of testing procedures to oral sex, Spiranac has been quite private about her relationship status on the podcast.

“I get this question a lot, and I refuse to answer that and I have my reason,” she explained on a December episode. “I think a lot of people think I don’t talk about it because of my business, and if I say that I’m with someone or I’m married, then I’ll lose male followers. And that’s actually not the case.”

In fact, being so public about her personal goings-on has made her prefer to keep her love life — she wed athletic trainer Steven Tinoco in 2018 — to herself so she can maintain some crumb of privacy.

“I am so open and honest about everything in my life, as you guys can tell from the podcast, that I want something to myself, and having a public relationship is very difficult, and as soon as you make it public, you’re giving everyone the right to ask questions and you have to then answer them,” she said.

Paige Spiranac to weak men: COVID-19 test is like giving you oral sex The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Page Six.

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