Culture – Leisure | “Ten little niggers”: the novel by Agatha Christie changes its name

“Ten little niggers”, the world bestseller of the novelist Agatha Christie changes its name, says RTL.

It will now be called “They were 10”.

The decision was made by Agatha Christie's great-grandson James Prichard. It was he who decided to rename this detective novel which made generations of readers tremble.

“When the book was written, the language was different and we used words that are now forgotten,” said Agatha Christie's great-grandson.

“This story is based on a popular nursery rhyme that is not signed by Agatha Christie … I'm pretty sure the original title was never used in the US. In the UK it was changed in the 1980s and today we change it everywhere … My opinion is that Agatha Christie was above all there to entertain and she would not have liked the idea of ​​someone being hurt by one of her turns of sentences … Today fortunately, we can remedy it without betraying it while being acceptable to everyone … It makes sense to me: I wouldn't want a title that distracts from his work. . If just one person felt this, it would already be too much! We must no longer use terms that are likely to hurt: this is the behavior to adopt in 2020, “he said.

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