Diantae Thomas: Alabama dad reacts to belated Father’s Day gift

Lester Thomas, 56, from Dothan in Alabama, USA, had to rely on his wife to drive him to work after his truck broke down two years ago.

Diante Thomas, 25, saw his father struggle to get to work everyday, after his old car broke down two years ago.

So Thomas, from Dothan, Alabama, decided to surprise his 56-year-old father Lester Thomas with a life-changing gift – a fixed-up silver Ford F-150 truck.

He shared the adorable video on Facebook on June 27 where it’s gone viral racking up over 7.4million views.

‘I been saving & working hard to gift my dad in a major way! My mama drop him off at work everyday & pick him up! I thank GOD I was able to buy him a truck. POPS is a hard working man,’ Thomas shared on Facebook.

‘If y’all seen him working, he falls asleep on the lawnmower under trees & leaning against the trees with the weed eater sleeping working to make ends meet. Hard to see a man cry but thankful to see him happy,’ he added.

In the sweet clip Thomas leads his dad Lester out of the house wearing a blindfold and spins him around to disorient him.

When he finally takes off the blindfold, his father’s jaw falls open upon seeing the gleaming truck.

‘That’s your truck boy?’ Lester shouts to his son.

Thomas says, ‘No it’s yours!’ as his father exclaims in disbelief.

‘Uh oh! No! Really? That’s my truck!?’ he yells and jumps onto his son, wrapping his legs around him.

Then he holds his son in a long hug and breaks down in tears as family and friends around them cheer and admire the new wheels.

Finally, the excited dad gets into the driver seat and turns on his new ride. The emotional father was seen wiping tears from his eyes while behind the wheel.

The clip ends with Thomas giving his father a slip of paper saying, ‘I’ve got the title right here so you can put it in your name.’

‘I didn’t know he was going to be that excited. I knew he was going to cry though. It was just that feeling of when he jumped into my arms. I felt great,’ Thomas said to CBS.

‘I got it from a great son,’ his father added.

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