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Authorities are seeking information about the pipe bombs that were found near the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee headquarters on Wednesday afternoon. The FBI is offering $50,000 for information “leading to the location, arrest, and conviction” of whoever is responsible.

The agency released photos via social media of what appears to be someone in a gray hooded jacket, black gloves, and black pants, clutching an object in one hand. The FBI did not say if the person in the photo is considered a suspect in their investigation.

According to the FBI, “multiple law enforcement agencies received reports” of the explosives at around 1 p.m., around the time that the riots at the Capitol began escalating as Trump supporters began breaching a barricade in front of the grounds. Capitol Police told CBS News they were responding at the height of the attack, and were thus stretched thin.

Some Trump supporters managed to get inside the Capitol building around 2 p.m, pushing the Senate and House into recess as the building was placed under lockdown. In the wake of the violence, Washington, D.C. was placed under a curfew and nearly 70 people were arrested.

Authorities are searching airports and hotels across the city for the rioters who ransacked the Capitol, and the FBI claims it has received more than 4,000 tips on its website. Dozens of people have already been charged with crimes related to the violence.

FBI offers reward for information on pipe bombs set during Capitol assault The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ CBS News.

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