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A man from Florida who wagered $100 on President Donald Trump winning re-election last November is being sued for refusing to pay up.

Sean Hynes, a Trump supporter from St. Petersburg, Pinellas Count, suggested the bet via Facebook to Jeffrey Costa, an acquaintance from his time in Atlanta and a Biden supporter.

The two regularly discussed politics on Facebook and remained in touch after they moved apart. They decided that if Trump won the November 2020 election, Costa would pay $100, but if Democrat Joe Biden won, Hynes would pay the same amount, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

Although it started as a friendly wager, the relationship quickly turned sour when Trump lost to Biden on November 3.

Hynes refused to acknowledge the results and pay up. He was still in denial after several state recounts and the Supreme Court’s rejection of lawsuits challenging Biden’s victory.

Costa, a 50-year-old IT worker, then decided to take the matter to a court. He demanded another $250 in court fees and $300 in interest on the unpaid bet.

Costa, representing himself, filed on December 28 in Pinellas County small claims court.

“You should have the integrity in your principles to follow through with what you have proposed,” Costa told the newspaper.

On November 7, the day after the election was called for Biden, Costa messaged Hynes on Facebook.

“Bro, the elections are determined by the courts, not the networks,” Hynes responded. Weeks of arguments via Facebook Messenger ensued.

“It’s not settled by law, Sean,” Costa said. “Trump is mathematically eliminated.”

Costa eventually told Hynes in December he was planning to sue for the money, before Hynes unfriended him on Facebook.

Hynes has not responded to a Facebook message from Newsweek.

Costa explained to the Florida daily why he brought the lawsuit. “I also felt that if you’re going to live in a post-fact world, there are consequences to that.”

Gamblers in the U.S. are not allowed to place legal bets on elections with bookmakers. However, in the U.K., someone placed a £1 million ($1.29 million) bet on Biden to win, according to Betfair Exchange, the world’s largest betting exchange. It was the biggest-ever political bet to be placed on the exchange. The identity of the person, who put down the money on October 29, is not known, but they would have won a $696,170 profit on top of getting the original wager returned.

Florida Man Who Made $100 Bet on Trump Winning Election Sued for Refusing To Pay The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Newsweek.

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