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The Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation for “nighttime disturbance, public insults and death threats” after a December dinner party at French MEP Jérôme Rivière’s Parisian apartment while the country was under strict lockdown.

Rivière, an MEP for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN), invited a handful of guests to his apartment on December 13, according to French online outlet Mediapart, which first reported on the story Monday. Neighbors complained to him about the loud music coming out of his apartment.

Videos published by Mediapart show the situation took a worse turn after a police patrol checked out the building. One of Rivière’s guests was caught on camera filming a teenager who was filming him from outside, telling him: “This is for the headhunters. They’re going to cut your hair. They’re going to shave your head.”

The teenage boy told Mediapart he was scared and stopped shooting. In the complaint he later filed to the police, he says the guest added: “I’m going to cut off your head.”

Mediapart reports that the guest in the video has been identified by multiple witnesses as Jean-Lin Lacapelle, another RN MEP. Lacapelle didn’t comment on the allegations to Mediapart.

Rivière denied the allegations of threats and insults. “It was a work dinner,” he said, “There was no party and no insults.” He also said he eventually turned the music down when the police came. “I’m an RN parliamentarian,” he added, “some neighbors don’t like me.”

French far-right MEP investigated over lockdown party ruckus The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Politico.

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