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Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell often took photographs of topless European “girls” at the sex-trafficker’s Palm Beach mansion, according to newly unsealed testimony of the financier’s former butler.

Juan Alessi, once Epstein’s house manager in Florida, testified in a 2016 deposition that Maxwell—who now faces trial for Epstein’s sex ring—was an avid photographer and that most of her images were of bare-chested, foreign young women in Epstein’s orbit.

“I know that she went out and took pictures in the pool, because later I would see them at the desk or at the house; and nude, 99.9 percent of the time they were topless,” said Alessi, who is referred to as “John” in the document. “They were European girls.”

The testimony was part of a defamation suit Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a survivor of Epstein’s trafficking scheme, filed against Maxwell in New York in 2015. The case settled two years later, but many of the court filings were kept from the public docket until the Miami Herald and Giuffre waged a legal battle to unseal them.

Just before Epstein’s death in August 2019, a cache of unsealed documents revealed other testimony from Alessi, who claimed he saw “probably over 100” girls arrive at Epstein’s home. Alessi said he found “vibrators or sex toys” while cleaning the residence’s upstairs massage room, and that he stored them in Maxwell’s closet with a “shiny black costume,” because he “knew that’s where they kept” them.

Last month, Maxwell’s long-secret deposition in the case was made public as she faces charges for recruiting and grooming girls as young as 14 for Epstein.

Under questioning, Alessi said many European girls, and some Americans, would lounge shirtless by the pool. He said Maxwell kept her photos of the girls in an album he discovered while cleaning her desk at Epstein’s home.

“I have to put everything in the house back together,” Alessi said. “Sometimes I saw these albums, and there were pictures of girls at the pool.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Hoarded Photos of Topless European Girls, Says Epstein’s Butler The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Daily Beast.

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