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The manga is ready to explore a new arc in the first chapter of 2021. “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 68’s spoilers and drafts are out, hinting at Granola’s arrival.

Twitter user Dbshype shared the drafts and summary for the chapter.

It shows a planet in ruins as spaceships from Freeza’s army hover in the sky. The shadows of three great apes are visible as the scene changes to someone hiding in a house. One of the great apes, with a scar on his face, discovers the person hiding.

Granola suddenly wakes up and Oatmil asks if it was the same dream. Oatmil assures him they are safe and they have the OG73-i.

Granola learns they are not being pursued by the enemies anymore. He also finds out about Goichi’s ship. Oatmil wants Granola to enter cold sleep as they are far away from their destination.

Granola declines and Oatmil asks if he still harbors hard feelings toward Freeza’s army. He tells him he still hates them.

However, in the absence of Freeza, his army is powerless and Oatmil wants Granola to move on. Granola agrees but reveals that the ones who annihilated his race were the barbaric monkeys in Freeza’s army, named Cerelians. He confirms the Cerelians seem to have vanished after a meteor hit their planet. Oatmil wonders if the monkeys were called Saiyans.

The chapter transitions to Beerus’ planet where Goku is trying to catch the Oracle Fish so that Whis can give it an injection.

It is revealed the Oracle Fish is unable to sleep and Whis decides to inject it with a vitamin to help it recover and sleep. Vegeta is surprised and Whis tells him an Oracle Fish not sleeping is a bad omen.

Meanwhile, Goku wants to fight another strong opponent. After beating the Planet-eater Moro, Goku wants to battle against stronger opponents and test his powers.

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