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He Slept With His Best Friend’s Fiancée. Will Their Friendship Survive?

Humor bonded multi-hyphenate filmmakers Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin over a decade ago. Back then, Marvin was producing commercials in New York City, while Covino already had a reputation in the independent film scene. Asked to find someone willing to approach random pedestrians on the street to participate in an ad, Marvin hired Covino based on a colleague’s recommendation—a life-changing event for both of them.

A kindred taste in offbeat comedy led to a fast friendship, with the duo first laughing at the same bizarre videos then spending all their free time making their own. The talented best buds went on to produce indie projects such as Babysitter, Kicks, and Hunter Gatherer, before pursuing their own story.

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“Kyle’s just a really nice guy. He’s a very welcoming person, so I was drawn to that,” Covino says. For Marvin, it was Covino’s knack for injecting amusing chaos into the workplace that prompted his interest in befriending him. “Mike’s very technically gifted, but he also used to do insane things like buying the entire crew matching outfits and making us all wear them. That added an extra pleasure to working with him,” recalls Marvin. Their affectionate banter comes through even by phone, as they speak fondly of one another and what they’ve shared making movies as a team for so long.

He Slept With His Best Friend’s Fiancée. Will Their Friendship Survive? The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Daily Beast.

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