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A legal expert and a political analyst are speculating on whether President Donald Trump is mentally fit to finish out his remaining 12 days in office after he urged supporters to act on their suspicions of voter fraud.

Trump spoke at a rally Wednesday at the Ellipse, urging the crowd to oppose the victory of Joe Biden by marching to the Capitol. Later, demonstrators stormed the building, where they roamed the halls and draped Confederate flags. As of Friday, at least five people had died as a result of the violence, including a police officer. 

The president’s speech, along with his weak response to the violence alarm Deepak Gupta, a constitutional law expert at Harvard University.

“For the next couple of weeks, this unhinged person is formally, legally the commander of the armed forces, and there’s really no telling what he might do,” he told USA Today.

A growing number of lawmakers, mostly Democrats, are calling for Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment, which allows the president to be dismissed if unfit to serve. Vice President Mike Pence, more than half of the Cabinet’s 15 other members – a couple have resigned since Wednesday – and a two-thirds majority in both congressional chambers would have to sign off on the move. 

The calls for Trump’s removal play into the president’s hand, Arizona political consultant Chuck Coughlin told Fox10 in Phoenix .

“We would focus all attention back on him, which is exactly where the president wants it, rather than (President-elect Joe) Biden’s inaugural,” said Coughlin, who heads Highground, a public affairs firm that lists many Republican clients. 

If Trump isn’t removed under the 25th Amendment, he should be impeached, according to some congressional Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. 

“He is a clear + present danger as long as he is in office,” she tweeted Thursday. “Reports are indicating that he is unwell and getting worse. He must be removed from office.” Articles of impeachment have already been drafted, she added.

A handful of Republicans also are condemning the president’s action, including Sens. Mitt Romney of Utah and Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

“Lies have consequences,” Sasse said Wednesday. “This violence was the inevitable and ugly outcome of the President’s addiction to constantly stoking division.”

How Dangerous Is Trump? Experts, Lawmakers Question His Mental Fitness The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ International Business Times.

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