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Jackson Wang’s net worth is $8 million. When converted to local currency, that means he has more than 8 billion Korean won. Here’s how he amassed his fortune.

Wang is part of the popular boy band GOT7 from South Korea. The group is composed of Wang, Park Jin-young, JB, Mark Tuan, Kim Yugyeom, BamBam and Choi Young-jae. In the group, Wang does rapping, dancing and singing. His diverse skills and talents enabled him to pursue personal projects and expand beyond GOT7.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, aside from being a K-Pop idol, Wang is also an athlete. He competed in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, representing the national fencing team of Hong Kong. The Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong native has also appeared on TV shows such as “Roommate.” With a global presence and diverse talents, it’s not surprising that Wang is a billionaire in South Korea even at a young age. 

The 26-year-old became a part of GOT7 in 2014 when the band was formed. They quickly ascended the top of the charts locally and internationally. Their debut album “Identify” ranked 6th in the U.S. World chart. GOT7’s album “Moriagatteyo” placed 3rd in Japan while “Flight Log: Turbulence” topped both the music charts in South Korea and the U.S.

When not busy promoting with other GOT7 members, Wang pursues other projects. He has released songs as a solo artist. During the pandemic, the rapper released his song “100 Days” in March that quickly became a hit. He also launched his own brand called “Team Wang.” The fashion brand features the collection he has worked on in the past three years as a creative director, a report from L’Officiel USA revealed. 

Unfortunately for fans of the boy band, GOT7 will leave their agency, JYP Entertainment, per While it was not reported if the group will still stick together or disband permanently, the outlet claims the members will still promote individually. GOT7’s contract with JYP is set to expire on Jan. 19, but both parties agreed to terminate the contract prematurely.

“Our official relationship ends here, but JYP will sincerely cheer on the new future that the GOT7 members will advance into,” a part of the official statement released by the agency read. Meanwhile, South China Morning Post reports that Yugyeom is set to join Jay Park’s hip hop label AOMG. 

K-Pop groups reach a stage where members want to try personal dreams or projects. In this case, while the future of GOT7 as a group remains uncertain, Wang’s fans will still get content from him probably outside his music pursuits. 

Jackson Wang Net Worth: How Rich Is The GOT7 Member? The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ International Business Times.

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