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January hasn’t been the, uh, best. With a nationwide lockdown announced, we could all do with a little cheering up. And what does the UK do when things go a bit south? Stick on the kettle and reach for the biscuits, of course. And lucky for us, McVitie’s have introduced some new products for biscuit lovers to add to their confectionery tins, with an announcement of two new Jaffa Cakes flavours: cherry and passion fruit.

…I know! This may be more divisive than the “is it a cake or a biscuit” debate.

The two new flavours will be joining the ever-growing “Jaffa-nation”, which already includes the traditional orange flavour as well as a pineapple variation, which McVitie’s launched in January 2020.

The new Jaffa Cakes hit UK and Irish supermarkets on Jan. 3 and are available to pick up in sharing boxes of 10 cakes for £1.20.

Responses to the new flavours have been mixed, with some biscuits fans sticking true to their roots and showing their support for the OG orange flavour. In response to McVitie’s announcement, one Twitter user wrote: “Keep your weird Jaffa cakes, imma stick with the proper ones. Orange all the way!”

However, some are excited about the trying out cherry and passionfruit, with one person writing “Cherry jaffa cakes now we’re talking.”

Speaking about the new flavours, McVitie’s Brand Director Emma Stowers said: “We’re really excited to reveal our two new Jaffa Cakes flavours – ‘cheeky’ Cherry and ‘party’ Passion Fruit – for everyone to enjoy! What better way to bring a fruity and tangy new twist to an afternoon pick me up, or some added zest to your day?”

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