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The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take place on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. Viewers will be able to watch the event from the comfort of their homes via a variety of cable TV and online sources.

Biden’s inauguration is expected to be covered on all mainstream television media networks, including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS News, and Fox News. The event is also expected to be streamed online on most major news media outlets’ websites.

Most details about Biden’s inauguration have not been released. An exact time for the event has not been announced, but most presidential inaugurations in the past have tended to occur around 11:30 a.m. ET. It is unclear if President Donald J. Trump will attend the event.

Though presidential inaugurations have historically been bombastic affairs with parades and galas, the upcoming Biden event will be comparatively tame due to coronavirus-related security precautions. Congress’ Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies announced on December 16 that tickets for Biden’s inauguration would be limited to members of Congress and a guest of each Congressperson’s choosing.

“The JCCIC, in consultation with diversified public health and medical experts and the Presidential Inaugural Committee, has determined that this global pandemic and the rise in COVID-19 cases warranted a difficult decision to limit attendance at the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies to a live audience that resembles a State of the Union,” said JCCIC Chairman Roy Blunt said in that statement. “We are also working on enhanced opportunities to watch the ceremonies online, in addition to the traditional televised national broadcast.”

In December, Biden’s inaugural committee advised Americans to stay home during his swearing-in to prevent spreading the coronavirus. Biden has stated that his impending inauguration will likely mirror the 2020 Democratic National Convention, which was held remotely due to coronavirus-related safety reasons. That said, Biden and Harris are still expected to be sworn-in at the Capitol, per tradition.

The theme for Biden’s inauguration is “Our Determined Democracy: Forging a More Perfect Union.” Though it’s unclear what Biden will discuss during his inauguration speech, it is expected that the incoming president will lay out his plans for dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has killed over 350,000 Americans in the last year.

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