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A year ago, former Trump supporter Ann Coulter wrote a column titled “I Want Him to Lose,” but decided at the time, “Ah fuck it, I don’t want to screw over other Republicans. I’ll just keep my mouth shut.”

But Coulter—who during the 2016 campaign wrote a book-length endorsement of her preferred candidate, In Trump We Trust—felt no such restraint on Wednesday as the violent spectacle of gun-toting Trump acolytes storming the United States Capitol in armed standoffs with cops unfolded on global television screens.

“We finally got the authoritarian liberals have been talking about,” the right-wing firebrand told The Daily Beast. “And I want to point out what a gigantic pussy he is. Who are these people still supporting Trump and this nonsense ‘stop the steal’? I don’t understand why. Why are you doing this for Trump when he doesn’t give a crap about you? These poor, working-class Americans, hanging on by their fingernails! No, he didn’t have time for them. He was too busy talking to Bob Woodward.”

Coulter went on: “He held a rally and he encouraged them to march on the Capitol while he goes back to the White House to have a nice lunch because he’s a gigantic pussy. He always has other people doing his dirty work. He was this tough guy on The Apprentice. He couldn’t even fire his own attorney general. He sent Corey Lewandowski to do it. He just trash-tweets Jeff Sessions on Twitter. Oooohh what a big man!”

Coulter sputtered with rage as she vented about the soon-to-be ex president. “I hate him,” she seethed.

Coulter said she initially couldn’t accept that Trump supporters—which she conceded fit only the broadest definition of conservative—were actually rioting in a manner that, in her decidedly debatable view, was every bit as bad as Black Lives Matter and antifa. But, in true Coulterish fashion, she concluded that yes, indeed, they had been incited by their unworthy hero.

“The thing about antifa is that the men are scrawny and the women are 300 pounds. And I do see a lot of beefy-looking guys who look like Trump supporters,” she reasoned.

“Trump betrayed his own supporters at every turn,” Coulter added. “He turned over his presidency to Idiot Boy Jared. Who is still supporting this guy? So now we see. And he tells them, ‘yeah go march on the Capitol,’ and then he goes back to the White House, gets in bed and starts tweeting.”

Remarkably, Coulter declined to acknowledge that she had been misguided to boost Trump’s candidacy, largely on the basis of his anti-immigration, isolationist, and “America First” rhetoric.

“He was the only one saying this stuff,” Coulter reasoned. “I hate him. He’s a betrayer. But I’m pretty confident we’re never going back to the Bush Republican Party…Yes, I knew he was a coarse vulgarian. Yes, I knew he was a huckster. I think we all did. But one thing there was no warning of was Jared and Ivanka. They ran this presidency and all they cared about was impressing Kim Kardashian and sucking up to Wall Street…After he was elected, we got the most gigantic bait-and-switch in history…That was a shocker.”

As the Trump flag-toting mob rampaged through Statuary Hall, the Senate chamber, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, Coulter mused: “It enrages me. This is the first time there has been mob violence from conservatives, and we’re never gonna hear the end of it.” She argued that the infamous “Brooks Brothers Riot” of Palm Beach County 20 years ago didn’t come close. “And thank you, Donald Trump—his last gift to the Republican Party.”

She continued: “How many Republicans is Donald Trump going to screw before he leaves office? I just hope this ends anybody talking about Ivanka and Don Junior running for office. This is the capstone of the Trump presidency.”

Coulter being Coulter, she defended the dubious, arguably destructive, effort by Republican Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to object to the congressional counting of electoral votes in swing states that Trump lost. She claimed Cruz and Hawley are being “reasonable.”

“They aren’t saying ‘we’re going to overturn the election,’ they aren’t saying ‘stop the steal.’ They’re saying, ‘this is our last chance to have a fair hearing of vote cheating’…The court rulings were correct, but the claims of cheating have not been looked at.”

But when asked if Cruz and Hawley, given the Trump-incited rioting, should persist in their quixotic quest, Coulter was less certain.

“I’m hesitating now,” she said. “I mean, they didn’t do this. Trump did it.”

Ann Coulter Blames ‘Gigantic Pussy’ Trump for MAGA Rioting: ‘I Hate Him’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Daily Beast.

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