Igors Rausis accused of cheating after using phone on toilet

Chess Grandmaster Igors Rausis Caught Cheating with phone Found in Toilet.

A photo emerged of Igor Rausis, 58, with a mobile phone — thought to have been hidden in a cubicle — during a tournament.

He was believed to be studying a chess app to suggest his next move while playing in Strasbourg, France.

The snap surfaced online and police are now investigating.

Rausis, who had represented Latvia, Bangladesh and Czech Republic, soared from an average grand master to a “super” grand master in just six years.

Mobiles are banned at tournaments. In a statement, Rausis admitted secretly using one and said he was quitting the game.

He added: “I simply lost my mind yesterday.”

Grandmaster and ex-England player Danny Gormally said: “It’s amazing Rausis wasn’t stopped earlier. Seems naive that people think someone can improve that much in their fifties.”

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