In Saint-Michel-sur-Meurthe, the gîte caravan seduces tourists despite the health crisis

Rag in hand, Odile Jacques disinfects the garden table installed at the front of the trailer. Inside her unusual home, she has removed as many textiles as possible, especially the curtains. The chair has also disappeared. “Initially, the health standards were so restrictive that we did not reopen. Our place is meant to be cozy and warm so if we remove everything, it no longer has any charm ”, she explains.

Guests are invited to leave books they have read during their stay in a wicker basket and then quarantine them.

Le temps de rêve reopened on July 18 and reservations are flooding in. “We have a lot of visitors from the Grand Est, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg,” she notes.

Initially, the place was full in April but obviously it was not. Most guests have simply postponed their stay and September is also almost full. “We don’t do this for the money, it’s the pleasure of welcoming people and exchanging”, she smiles. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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From social to upholsterer in furniture

Contact, this former facilitator in a retirement home needs it. At 50, she converted into an upholsterer by validating the eponymous CAP. Very quickly, the loneliness of her studio catches up with her and the creative soul begins to work in the social sector again, in contact with a public in integration. But with the gîte trailer, she seems to find a new balance. “The people we welcome have always been pleasant, we show them places to visit. “

Retraining is a family affair, because her husband Pascal has followed the same path. This former surveyor became a mathematics teacher, freeing up time to welcome guests, especially during the holidays. “We used to live near Geneva and we didn’t like our social life. Everything revolved around money there, we wanted to come back to Lorraine, to focus on the essential, ”he explains, holding in his hand two donkeys visibly delighted with this choice.

A locally made cottage

Odile Jacques had always dreamed of being a bed and breakfast, so for their thirty years of marriage, the couple took on the crazy challenge of building an ecological trailer. “We had local artisans work, even the wood is local,” they congratulate themselves, particularly fussy about the insulation of the trailer.

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The roof was financed by their friends on the occasion of Odile’s birthday. “The best gift now is the reaction of people when they come in”, rejoices Odile.

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