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Shutting down the economy was the worst response possible for the coronavirus pandemic, Goya Foods President and CEO Robert Unanue said on Friday.

“The problem is it’s a political year. They weaponized coronavirus. Unfortunately, they shut down this economy,” Unanue told “Fox & Friends.”

“The worst thing we could do is shut down our economy, it killed our spirit. We need a reason to get up in the morning: God, family and work. And they are taking away our spirit, they’re taking away our ability to work.”

In an address to the nation Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden spelled out his plans to speed the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination program, boost coronavirus testing capacity to help reopen businesses and schools and provide $1,400 stimulus checks for Americans and federal funds for state and local governments to use to avoid laying off police officers, firefighters and other first responders as well as teachers and health workers. Biden labeled it his “American Rescue Plan.”

Unanue said Democrats “essentially declared martial law” by “shutting everything down.”

“It’s the worst thing we could have done. Just for political gain, I think it is criminal, I think it is immoral to shut down this economy for this … basically political reason,” Unanue said. 

Unanue went on to say, “We’re one nation under God. We’re not one nation under Twitter, we’re not one nation under big media and or under essential government. We’re trying to have media and big tech control our lives – -the government control our lives. We need to not move away from God. We need to move closer to God. They want to cancel God. They want to cancel speech, our speech. They want to cancel our culture, our history, our liberty.”

Fox News’ David Montanaro contributed to this report.

Goya CEO says economic shutdowns were politically motivated: ‘It killed our spirit’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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