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James Corden shared a message of hope with his audience after violence broke out at the Capitol building on Wednesday.

The late-night host was among the first to comment on the events that took place at the Capitol in his opening monologue, which was shared ahead of his Wednesday night broadcast on CBS. In it, the host, who is operating out of his garage due to increased coronavirus cases in Los Angeles, looked visibly rattled as he went over the events that happened earlier in the day. 

“What a crazy… sad day,” he began. “A day that will go down as a dark one in the long history of America. We’ve all sat today, glued to the pictures of Trump supporters breaching the Capitol, fighting with police, shouting in the chambers of Congress or flagrantly popping a selfie as they sit with their feet up in the government’s offices.”

The host, like many celebrities, then turned his attention to Donald Trump’s role in the situation.

“Then under the pretense of trying to calm the situation, their hero, the president, released a message this afternoon to tell his supporters that they’re special and we love you. I wouldn’t want to even imagine his treatment or response to those people if they had been wearing Black Lives Matter hats instead of red MAGA ones,” he said. 

The British comedian noted that, despite how upset or hopeless people may feel in the wake of what happened, he says growing up idolizing America from afar is helping him maintain hope for the nation. 

“Because I think if there is one thing that we can have after the last month in this country, it’s hope,” he continued. “You know, as an outsider growing up in England, I used to look to America as this beacon of light and possibility. A place where anything can happen, a place where you’d be lucky to work. A place where many people that I knew used to fantasize about living here. A place that gives an individual more opportunity than they would get elsewhere but cares for their fellow man.”

He continued: “Today people across the world would have looked at these pictures from Washington and wondered, ‘what on earth has happened to this great country?’ But I truly believe, and make no mistake, that they know that the America that they admire still exists. They know that the America that so many aspire to will be back. It’s just been hijacked by a lunatic and his crazy army for the last four years.”

Corden went on to note that people have reason to be hopeful because, in two weeks, “on those same steps, where that mob fought and pushed passed police, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the president of the United States.” 

He went on to note how inspired he feels at seeing the victory of Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia, whose victory on Wednesday solidified the party’s control of the Senate going into Biden’s presidency. 

“Today was the last dance at the worst party we’ve ever been to,” Corden concluded. “So if you can, have hope. You’ve seen in these past two weeks that voting counts, change is coming, science is real, vaccines are on the way. I really do believe that there are better times ahead.”

James Corden addresses Capitol Hill riots, shares message of hope The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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