Jean-Jacques Savin, Frenchman Aims to Cross the Atlantic in a Giant Barrel

Jean-Jacques Savin, Frenchman Aims to Cross the Atlantic in a Giant Barrel.

A man has set off to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a specially designed barrel, hoping that water currents alone will be enough to propel him on the 2,800-mile journey.

Frenchman Jean-Jacques Savin, 71, has given himself three months to get from Spain’s Canary Islands to the Carribean in his orange capsule.

The barrel is 3m long and 2.10m wide and contains a kitchen, sleeping bunk and storage.

Mr Savin, a former military paratrooper who has also worked as a pilot and park ranger, will also be to watch passing fish through a porthole in the floor, according to the BBC.

The capsule is designed to resist waves and any potential attacks by orca whales.

Mr Savin’s trip was apparently partly inspired by a trip taken by Alain Bombard, who crossed the Atlantic in an inflatable boat in 1952.

Mr Bombard survived by living only on fish and plankton found on the way and wrote a book about his journey.

Mr Savin, who said he has read the book, is more prepared than Mr Bombard was when he set off.

He has promised to keep those interested in his trip updated on his Facebook page, which is made possible through a solar panel generating energy for communications and GPS positioning.

“Good morning to everyone! Today everything is fine,” he said in his most recent post.

Mr Savin will be dropping markers along his journey to allow scientists to study the currents of the ocean.

He has taken a bottle of red wine with him to celebrate his 72nd birthday, which is taking place on 14 January.

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