Jon Voight praises Trump, requires unity in new video following Capitol riots: ‘It’s not over’

Actor Jon Voight released a video calling for unity following Donald Trump‘s acknowledgment he will relinquish the presidency later this month.

The Oscar-winner is an outspoken supporter of the president and often shares videos that are a mix of an address to his fellow supporters and a religious sermon. He has previously struck a very fiery tone while alleging that Democrats “want to destroy America” and calling them in line with “Satan” himself.

However, his latest video strikes a much more hopeful tone. The actor shared the more than one-minute long clip shortly after Trump acknowledged in one of his final tweets that a new administration will take office on Jan. 20 following a day of deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol. 

“My fellow Americans,” Voight began his video message. “We shall not weep, but let us give thanks to President Trump for his four years of hard work and love for America. Let us not put our heads down, let us rise and look to a better future. Let us praise God. Let us understand that His plan is far greater.”

From there, the star directly mentioned the riots that saw several Trump supporters breach the security of the Capitol building on Jan. 6 while the Senate was voting to confirm the electoral college votes. 

“I know all are disappointed, but this violence is not who we are,” The 81-year-old continued. “We are love, respect, honor. The ones who destroyed will be accountable but the ones who truly wanted to share love and respect will be heard.” 

He concludes with a message of unity for the American people in the face of a massive political and cultural divide while ominously hinting that Trump’s fight to overturn the election is not done.

“Let us put aside our differences and let America grow. Let us stand again with pride and we as a nation will hold on to the love that President Trump shared with us all. It’s not over. The truths of justice will prevail for God’s glory shall as well. Love to you,” he said. 

The message of unity struck a decidedly different tone compared to a more recent video he issued prior to Election Day. In it, he offered a scathing rebuke of then-candidate Joe Biden, going as far as to call him “evil.”

Jon Voight praises Trump, calls for unity in new video following Capitol riots: ‘It’s not over’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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