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Selling lip kits is certainly not the same thing as selling hand sanitizer, but apparently that wasn’t evident to everyone’s favorite reality TV star-turned-business mogul. Kylie Jenner’s new hand sanitizer is getting major backlash on the internet right now; the makeup maven’s latest venture clearly was not what her fans wanted next from her popular skincare line. Jenner is now the target of claims she’s attempting to profit off the chaos caused by the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus.

Hand sanitizer was flying off the shelves at an unprecedented rate at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, and now some brands appear to be closing in on the market with their own alternatives. Jenner announced on Jan. 5 her newest Kylie Skin product, an 80% alcohol, fast-drying hand sanitizer, but it didn’t get the hype she was likely expecting. Immediately after tweeting about the newest addition to her skincare line, the influencer faced an onslaught of criticism from fans and the public.

“Kylie really made Kylie Skin hand sanitizer […] Let’s profit off a pandemic,” one user tweeted after the launch, mocking Jenner’s latest announcement.

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