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The Ruined King is one of the most legendary figures in League of Legends and he’s finally heading into the game for the first time. On Friday, as part of its celebration of League’s 2021 season, Riot released a teaser for the new champion.

In the CG cinematic the Ruined King, whose real name is Viego, appears in a small peaceful area of Runeterra and brings darkness with him. Viego first takes on Lucian and Senna and uses Senna’s power to try to bring back his long lost love and restore his kingdom. We see champions from around the world like Poppy, Samira, Darius, and Vayne defending their separate kingdoms from Viego’s forces. Just as everyone is about to be overwhelmed, Lucian manages to delay Viego for a moment and escape with Senna.

The video ends with Viego gaining even more power, and with Lucian saying that he and Senna won’t be able to stop the Ruined King alone. While this is a bit of a cliff hanger, according to Riot, Viego’s story is one that will be explored in many different League of Legends stories and games throughout the year.

In fact, Ryan Mireles, the lead producer on League’s champions team, said there will be three other new champions released as part of Viego’s story. First up will be a top lane Brawler, who is apparently themed after scissors or tailoring. Then there will be a “gloomy” Yordle who will serve as an artillery mage in-game. Finally, Riot briefly teased a new marksman champion as well, but didn’t share any details except that they might play the role in a non-traditional way.

The Ruined King’s vaunted place in League of Legends lore comes mostly from the item that’s named after him: Blade of the Ruined King. One of League’s most identifiable and iconic weapons, players have long wondered about its namesake and why exactly his blade is so important. In fact, they wondered about it enough for Riot to partner with Airship Syndicate to make an entire game about him called Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

According to Riot’s press material, it seems that Viego will primarily be a jungler, and it seems that once he kills an enemy champion, he’ll have the chance to control them for a brief time.While we don’t know exactly when Riot plans to release Viego, the developer has said he should be out sometime this month.

In the same video that it announced Viego, Riot also gave players a few more details on League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile and console version of League of Legends. Wild Rift will be heading to North American for its open beta sometime in March and should be releasing tw

League of Legends shows off new champion Viego, The Ruined King in animated cinematic The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Polygon.

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