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New leaks reveal information PlayStation fans will really like as it involves stock updates for the PS5 as well as the list of potential games that could be released for the PS4 and PS5 every month. Here’s a quick look at the details.

Leakers have revealed that fans may have a better chance of getting their hands on the new PlayStation 5 in the coming months. This comes after stocks of the highly anticipated console continually ran out after it was launched in the market in November.

A Twitter tipster called PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates recently announced that “Sony’s official estimate is 3 Million PS5s hitting store shelves worldwide every month until April (range 2.4-3.7M).” This means more consumers will have the opportunity to score for themselves the latest and greatest PlayStation console yet.

The leaker, in a subsequent tweet posted in response to a question, said the information comes from Sony itself, meaning the leak carries substantial weight. “Substantial” in the sense that the leaker didn’t present a document or link proving it did come from the entertainment company. Nonetheless, time will tell if the claim is real.

The leaker also announced in the original tweet that a “PS5 giveaway” will be hosted “by the end of tomorrow.” Considering the tweet was posted Monday, it means players should expect the giveaway to happen this Tuesday.

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