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LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates were already upset after a Wisconsin prosecutor on Tuesday decided not to charge a police officer who shot a black man last year.

Then came Wednesday when a violent mob loyal to US president Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol to delay Congress from certifying the results of November’s election.

What James watched on television along with his family continued to reinforce his view of the wide divide in the country.

“We live in two Americas and a prime example of that was yesterday. If you don’t understand or see that then you need to take a step back. Not just one step but four or five or even 10 steps backward,” James said Thursday night after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the San Antonio Spurs 118-109. “How do you want your kids or grandkids to live in this beautiful country? Yesterday was not it. I couldn’t help but to wonder if those were my kind storming the Capitol what would have been the outcome. We all know what would have happened if anyone even got close let alone storm or get in the offices.”

James wore a shirt walking into Staples Center before the game that said “Do you understand now”. He also had it written on his sneakers during the game. In smaller letters, the shirt also contained a slogan invoked by James in the past:

“In memoriam of the countless Black lives lost to police brutality and racial injustice.”

‘We live in two Americas’: LeBron James blasts ‘shameful’ Trump in remarks The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Guardian.

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