Man killed in attempt to attack Paris police on Charlie Hebdo shooting anniversary, Report

As France marks the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack, officers shot a man wielding a knife outside a French police station. According to NBC News, he had a piece of paper with an ISIS flag on it.

Investigations identified the man as 20 year old Sallah Ali, a prominent thief born homeless in Casablanca, Morocco, according to the French newspaper L’Express.

The Paris prosecutor’s office says the attack took place at 11:30am, exactly one year to the minute of the Charlie Hebdo attack. It follows on from a spate of terror-related attacks throughout France and Europe, which prompted countries like Spain and Belgium to be placed on a high terror-threat alert.

Local journalist Anna Polonyi, an editor at the International New York Times, could see the attack from her flat and posted photos to social media showing what appeared to be a bomb-disposal robot near the body of the suspect.

She told Reuters that her sister had seen the attack first-hand while in the flat, detailing how police shouted at the man and shot him as he was running toward them.

Just minutes before the incident, French President Francois Hollande had commended French police and called for officials to work together in a speech about last year’s terror incidents, including the November 2015 bombings which claimed over 100 lives.

“Faced with these adversaries, it is essential that every service – police, gendarmerie, intelligence, military – work in perfect harmony, with the greatest transparency, and that they share all the information at their disposal,” he said.

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