Maryland student saves woman from fire

Maryland student helps rescue woman from Glen Burnie house fire.

A Maryland college student is being hailed a hero after he helped a woman escape her burning Anne Arundel County home.

Being in the right place at the right time may have saved a life. Tré Williams, 20, usually take the bus to and from Anne Arundel Community College, but on Wednesday, he decided to walk because the weather was so nice.

During his walk home, Williams saw a house on fire on Quarterfield Road in Glen Burnie. He ran toward the house and helped an 80-year-old woman who lives there, Gail Johnston, get out safely.

Video from a member of’socal shows fire engulfing the front of the house.

“I didn’t really think much. I just, it was just an instinct,” Williams said. “So I jumped over the fence and I opened the door and saw that her arm was tangled up, so I just took her off of it, and that’s when she just kept saying, ‘What’s happening? What’s happening?’ I grabbed her, put her arm around my shoulder and I just kept saying, ‘We’ve got to go.'”

Johnston made it out of the fiery house with barely a scratch, and her family is grateful.

“Thankfully, a young person like that, going up there and taking the initiative to bang on the door and get somebody out, he’s just, he’s a brave, brave soul, because the house was on fire. So we appreciated that because we love our mom, and we were just so happy that Tré did that,” said Johnston’s daughter, Carleen Perez.

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