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Matt James has officially made his debut as The Bachelor‘s Season 25 lead, and unsurprisingly, the single ladies vying for his affection are already pretty smitten. While fans of the show are most excited about which of these lucky gals is going to end up engaged to him in the (near) future, I couldn’t blame you for wondering about Matt James’ reported dating history. For one thing, it might offer hints as to who he’ll give his final rose to. Does he have a type?

Well, those hoping to gain some insight into who James might pick based on his romantic history might not be so lucky. Despite putting his dating life on the most public platform of all time, James has played his past romances very close to the vest. As a result, not much is known about his exes— like, at all. However, one reported former flame did reportedly almost make an appearance on his season of The Bachelor, which would have been all kinds of juicy.

According to Reality Steve, the popular Bachelor blogger famous for his spoiler reports, James was previously linked to Madison Nelson, a communications expert from Indiana who now lives in New York, and who was reportedly, at one point, being considered for the show. Nelson and James were spotted at a fashion show in the summer of 2019, where Gigi Hadid was walking the runway, back when James’ bestie, Tyler Cameron, was dating the supermodel.

Reality Steve tweeted that James and Nelson reportedly dated for “at least a couple of months,” but it’s unclear how serious they were or why they went their separate ways. Before the premiere, Reality Steve updated his report saying that although he believed Nelson was going to be on the show at one point, she ultimately wasn’t selected because of her history with James. “[I] was actually told once they found out she HAD dated Matt last summer, they decided against bringing her on,” he wrote.

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