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I’m sorry to anyone who was still hoping to shot their shot with either of them, but Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are Instagram official. On Jan. 10 Jordan and Harvey confirmed they’re an item when they each posted couple shots onto their Instagram feeds. Jordan, who was the first to take their relationship to the ‘gram, posted a couple of dark, grainy intimate shots of the two leaning into each other as they posed alongside what appeared to be a Christmas tree. As much as I would have loved a gushy caption to go along with the post, Jordan kept things simple by omitting a caption entirely.

Harvey’s post, which was uploaded shortly after Jordan’s, was a picture taken of two polaroid snapshots. The two polaroids seem to have been taken on the same night as Jordan’s post, considering they’re wearing the same outfits in both posts and the same Christmas tree also seems to be visible in the background of both. In one of the two polaroids posted by Harvey, Jordan can be seen kissing the cheek of a smiling Harvey. In the other, the two pose in front of the Christmas tree. Harvey topped the couple-y post off by captioning it with a brown heart emoji.

BTW, here’s Jordan’s post:

And here’s Harvey’s:

I know they’ve only been Instagram official for, like, not even a full day but I think they’re already officially my new favorite celebrity couple.

Rumors of a possible romance between Harvey and Jordan first sparked in November 2020 when TMZ posted a picture of the pair arriving at the Atlanta Airport together a day prior to Thanksgiving. “This is the first time the celebs have been linked together one-on-one like this — there were reports they crossed paths at Nobu earlier this year while in a large group of friends,” TMZ wrote at the time. “Lori was still with Future back then, but he’s been out of the picture since August.”

Then, on Jan. 1, The Sun released pictures of the duo arriving at yet another airport together. This time the two were spotted getting off a plane in Salt Lake City, Utah.

And now they’re Insta official! Yay!

Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey Are Instagram Official & You Must See The Posts The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Elite Daily.

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