Miscellaneous – Justice | Black man killed by police: calls for protest

Calls for demonstrations on Tuesday were launched in Los Angeles to denounce the death of a black man killed the day before by the police, who claim he was armed with a pistol, in a general climate of tension rekindled by the case Jacob Blake.

The victim, identified as Dijon Kizzee, 29, was riding a bicycle Monday afternoon in a neighborhood in southern Los Angeles when the sheriff's men tried to stop him for a traffic violation. However, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department did not say at this point what offense he was charged with.

According to the authorities' account, he “ran away” after leaving his bicycle behind. The police managed to catch up with him. It was then, Lieutenant Brandon Dean told reporters, that the young African-American “punched one of the officers in the face.” The suspect dropped a pile of clothes in his hand.

“Officers noticed a black semi-automatic pistol was inside the pile of clothes,” the lieutenant continued. The police then fired. The man, hit by several bullets, died on the spot. “He was in possession of a gun and attacked an officer,” Lt. Dean insisted, indicating that an investigation had been initiated.

“Don't shoot him!”

A woman who said she witnessed the tragedy said that she yelled at the police “don't shoot him, don't shoot him!” when they were chasing Dijon Kizzee, who lives in the neighborhood. “They were trying to grab him and take away what he was holding, then he turned to run away and they gave him a taser in the leg,” added Deja, who did not not wanted to give his last name. “He turned around and they shot him,” said the resident.

According to local media, around 100 people gathered at the scene on Monday evening as the anti-racist protest movement was revived in the United States after a white policeman shot a black man seven times. in Kenosha, Wisconsin. President Donald Trump, who visited on Tuesday, did not meet the family of Jacob Blake, left paralyzed by the apparent police blunder.

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