Miscellaneous – Justice | Mutilations of horses in France: it would not be a serial killer

The mysterious mutilations of horses that have occurred in several parts of France in recent months have been carried out by different authors and according to various operating methods, said the gendarmes in charge of the investigation which covers some twenty departments.

“There are about twenty cases of cut ears, but there are also other facts, genital mutilation, lacerations with sharp objects”, explained Colonel Hubert Percie du Sert, coordinator of the sub-directorate of the judicial police of the gendarmerie, emphasizing “the plurality of perpetrators and operating methods”.

These mysterious mutilations of equines began several months ago, causing confusion as to their perpetrators and their motives. The investigators therefore rule out the hypothesis of a single perpetrator moving throughout the country.

Cameras in the meadow?

Thanks to a prevention and information campaign among horse owners, the colonel believes that the perpetuation of this type of facts will become “more complicated”.

Owners are invited, for example, to equip themselves with “hunting cameras”, to go more often to see their animals in the meadows, to take off their halter, and to report all facts to the gendarmes.

Regarding the motivations of the authors, everything is considered: a challenge on the internet, sectarian aberrations, mimicry, hatred of equines, satanic rites … La Miviludes, an interministerial body in charge of the observation and analysis of sectarian phenomenon, which examined the file, did not reveal any satanic rite, but, adds the colonel, “it is not for all that ruled out”.

Each of the facts gives rise to an in-depth study (observation by a veterinarian, necropsy, analyzes, etc.) in order to collect as many clues as possible.

A composite image was released last week by the gendarmerie, but warns Col. Percie du Sert, if we “can identify it” that “will not mean that we have solved the mystery.” “This will only be one case,” he insists.

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