Miscellaneous – Justice | Sophie Le Tan affair: Reiser denounces “a scaffolding of assumptions”

Two years have passed since Sophie Le Tan disappeared. Two years have passed since Jean-Marc Reiser was held in the Strasbourg remand center. Indicted for murder, kidnapping and forcible confinement, the man who will turn 60 in October continues to maintain that he was not responsible for the death of the 20-year-old student, whose bones were discovered by a walker in Rosheim Forest in October 2019.

The interrogation of September 4 was, however, requested by Jean-Marc Reiser himself. But this fifth face-to-face with judge Éliette Roux was no exception to the previous four. “There has been no real change,” said Pierre Giuriato, to our colleagues from Latest News from Alsace, after six hours of interview. To qualify the evidence against him, the suspect referred to a “scaffolding of guesses”. “He means there is no intangible proof of his guilt,” the lawyer said.

The judge rejects a new request for a second opinion

The examining magistrate made Jean-Marc Reiser react to the autopsy supplement which established a correlation between the hacksaw seized in his cellar in Schiltigheim, and whose handle supported the DNA of Sophie Le Tan, with the traces section on the bones of the victim. The 50-year-old denied being the author. He called for a second opinion, which the judge refused – the investigative chamber of the Colmar Court of Appeal will have to rule on the merits of this umpteenth request.

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The 50-year-old also sought to highlight the inconsistencies in the voluminous report of the expert who analyzed the telephone line in the Mollkirch sector, where he allegedly went on September 8, 2018 to get rid of the corpse. And he meticulously challenged each of the testimonies – prosecution – formulated by his ex-wife, his ex-girlfriend or his neighbors. “He thinks that the media coverage of this affair has gone to the heads of some people”, reports Me Giuriato.

“We're going to have to talk to him”

“With Francis Metzger [his second advice, Editor's note], we expect him to make an effort of clarification and consistency on the explanations he has given for the moment and which have difficulty in convincing”, he continues . A civilized way of saying that they will think twice before committing body and soul to a trial in the Assize Court if their client does not change his position. “We're going to have to talk to him,” the lawyer said. The investigating judge hinted that Friday’s interrogation would be the last. Unless the only suspect ultimately decides to admit a guilt that transpires from the evidence.

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