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A demo for Monster Hunter Rise, the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive, will be released Thursday night, Capcom announced in a livestream this morning. The company also revealed details about the free demo, showed off new and fan-favorite monsters like Tigrex, and revealed a feature called wyvern riding, which is exactly what it sounds like.

After a short trailer, the stream opened with a showcase of one of the game’s locations. Monster Hunter Rise will take players to a new area called the Frost Islands, an icy locale with underground caverns and frozen walkways.

The Frost Islands are home to several new monsters, as well as some who never made it to Monster Hunter: World. Goss Harag is a new bearlike monster that can create ice blades on its hands. Khezu is a returning monster that lives in caves, with its creepy, pale skin and stretchy neck. The Great Baggi, the bird wyvern, is also back. Lagombi, the icy monster that slides on its belly, is another old monster that will make an appearance in Rise. Finally, Mizutsune — who makes bubbles around the environment to attack Hunters — returns to Monster Hunter in Rise.

Barioth and Tigrex, two fan-favorites added to Monster Hunter: World via the Iceborne expansion, will also appear in Rise.

The monster showcase for Rise also previewed Magnamalo, Monster Hunter Rise’s flagship creature. Magnamalo is a lion-shaped beast with no wings and a sharp coat of armor. It can cover its body in purple flames and launch them at players.

The Wire Bug is one of Monster Hunter Rise’s newest features, offering Hunters new attacks and mobility options. But the stream showed off one of its most exciting uses yet: wyvern riding. Players can jump on various monsters’ backs, controlling them for a brief time. Hunters can force their mounted monster to attack other beasts during monster-on-monster combat, or run them into walls, stunning them instantly.

Capcom also previewed some of the game’s characters — including a palico NPC/cat assassin — and its new training area.

The demo of Monster Hunter Rise, which will be available through Jan. 31, will feature multiple missions. Two training missions — including one all about wyvern riding — will be available alongside hunts for two different monsters: Great Izuchi and Mizutsune. The demo will also include online play and a chance for players to test out all 14 Monster Hunter weapon types, to see how they’ve changed in Rise.

Capcom will launch Monster Hunter Rise exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26.

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