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Stacks of empty boxes were delivered to the White House grounds Wednesday while the clock continues to tick down for the Trump administration.

The pallets of cardboard boxes were delivered to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as the Biden administration is set to take office in a week, on Jan. 20. Most of the offices in the EEOB are for White House staff.

The incoming Biden administration is planning on a deep cleaning of the White House itself.

Government contracts and purchase orders reviewed by NBC News show the costs of the additional cleaning totals nearly half a million dollars. This top-to-bottom cleaning, which CNN first reported, is above and beyond what typically occurs during the well-choreographed residence changeover conducted by White House ushers, butlers and housekeepers, and comes after multiple outbreaks of the coronavirus on White House grounds.

The State Department announced Wednesday that Biden will stay at Blair House the night before the inauguration, which President Donald Trump has said he will not attend.

“As is customary, the White House offered use of the Blair House for Jan 19th and it was accepted,” a State Department spokesman said.

President Donald Trump is expected move down to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida after he leaves office.

Moving day approaching at the Trump White House The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ NBC News.

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