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He saved one bullet for himself.

An MS-13 gang member — who was wanted in the caught-on-video shooting of his girlfriend — fatally turned his gun on himself as cops chased him on a Texas highway, authorities said Satuirday.

Herbert Nixon Flores dispatched himself with a single bullet during a wild police chase, authorities said Saturday.

Flores, 46, had been caught on surveillance video opening fire on his ex, 35-year-old Karen Ruiz, at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday as her three-year-old daughter screamed in terror.

Three days into the manhunt, cops learned he was visiting family in Irving, Texas, and found him driving in the area, the Irving Police Department said in a statement.

Cops tracked him down to nearby Arlington, and began chasing him.

Flores eventually got out of his car, and when he noticed officers pulling up on him, he killed himself, police said.

Irving police were assisting the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force from Los Angeles at the time.

The FBI deemed Flores an “armed and dangerous” man who belonged to the notorious MS-13 gang.

The Los Angeles Police Department released the shocking footage of the murder on Thursday.

It shows the victim frantically running towards a house and pleading for help after noticing a vehicle pulling up behind her car.

A man appearing to be Flores catches up to Ruiz and fires multiple shots at her, the disturbing video shows.

Another woman then opens the door and yells in Spanish, “He killed her, he killed her!” while Ruiz’s 3-year-old daughter cries in the background, according to the video.

The child is safe with family members, police said.

Los Angeles police have described the couple’s relationship as violent. Ruiz had accused Flores of stalking and threatening her for months, and recently took out a restraining order against him, according to cops.

MS-13 member wanted for shooting ex on video kills self in Texas The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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