MSNBC’s Dr. Gupta Slams Trump Campaign’s Coronavirus ‘Propaganda’ At RNC – Reports

MSNBC’s Dr. Gupta Slams Trump Campaign’s Coronavirus ‘Propaganda’ At RNC

MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Vin Gupta said a video shown at the Republican National Convention on Monday that celebrated President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was “all propaganda.”

The video claims “Democrats, the media and the World Health Organization got coronavirus wrong.” It ignored all the times Trump downplayed the threat ― including when he declared in February that cases would soon be “down to close to zero” ― and his repeated claims the virus will just “go away” on its own.

So far, more than 177,000 Americans have been confirmed dead from the infection, including more than 25,000 in August alone.  

Gupta, a pulmonologist, ripped into the RNC over the video.

“To say that 170,000 souls lost in our country up to now is a success, by any measure, is fantasy,” Gupta said. “It’s disrespectful to the families who’ve lost loved ones, to front-line clinicians who put their lives at risk. It’s just fantasy. It’s propaganda.”

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Gupta also pointed out that the administration had failed and continued to fail to deliver essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic.

“We had to import insufficient, inadequate PPE ― KN95 masks that did not meet any recognizable U.S. standard ― from China, from other places overseas, because we didn’t have enough PPE in our strategic national stockpile,” he said. 

And Gupta lit into the delays and failures in rolling out testing. See his full takedown in the clip above.

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