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MSNBC host Joy Reid compared Trump supporters to members of Al Qaeda who were willing to die for Usama bin Laden when condemning the violence that erupted when a group of the president’s followers stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

“What has [Trump] done in terms of incitement, right, that Usama bin Laden didn’t do,” Reid said. “He simply told people the way to win a war against America is you need to be able to sacrifice your body. These people are saying I’m willing to die for Trump.”

Reid previously claimed Trump supporters who invaded the Capitol didn’t think they were in jeopardy because police officers were “taking selfies with them” and “walking them down the steps to make sure they’re not hurt” after the unprecedented situation that left four people dead and dozens arrested.

“White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they are committing insurrection,” Reid said. “Even when they’re engaged in attempting to occupy our Capitol to steal the votes of people who look like me because, in their minds, they own this country, they own that Capitol. They own the cops. The cops work for them and people like me have no damn right to try to elect a president, because we don’t get to pick the president. They get to pick the president. They own the president. They own the White House. They own this country.”

She contrasted how the largely White crowd of Trump supporters was treated and speculated about how the police response might have been different with other groups.

“So when you think you own it, you own the place, you ain’t afraid of the police because the police are you and they reflect back to them,” she said. “We’re with you. You’re good. We’re not going to hurt you because you’re not them. Guarantee you if that was a Black Lives Matter protest in D.C, there would be people shackled, arrested, or dead.”

One woman was shot and killed by Capitol Police during the riot, according to the city’s police chief. And The Federal Bureau Investigation is seeking information to identify the pro-Trump protesters who stormed the building. 

Fox News’ Stephanie Giang-Paunon contributed to this report.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid ties Trump to Usama bin Laden in wake of Capitol Hill chaos The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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