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A 3 percent optimistic fee in coronavirus testing is a vital threshold for New York City. It is the level at which the mayor shut down public colleges final week. The governor says {that a} sustained 3 percent stage in the metropolis will end in banning indoor eating, closing gyms and hair salons, and putting a 25-person cap on attendance at homes of worship whilst the holidays strategy.

But as necessary as that 3 percent fee is, it seems the city and the state can’t agree on whether it has been reached.

That battle has performed out over the previous week, with Mayor Bill de Blasio saying 3 percent has been breached, whereas Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo stated the optimistic check fee was properly beneath that. Each depends on his personal statistics, that are compiled and reported in numerous methods. And, it seems, the state and metropolis can also’t agree on which tests to incorporate in the calculation.

The discrepancy may be putting: On Saturday, as an example, the metropolis stated its seven-day common was 3.11 percent. Mr. Cuomo’s workplace, nonetheless, put the metropolis’s fee at greater than half some extent decrease, at 2.54 percent.

It is the newest discordant message between two rivals that has performed out over the complete pandemic, (*3*) to the response.

The trigger of the discrepancy lies in each the tests which are included and the time-frame by which statistics are reported. The state treats a brand new case as arising on the day the check consequence is available in. The metropolis dates every new case to when the pattern was supplied.

So if an contaminated individual is examined on Monday and the result’s reported to the well being authorities on Wednesday, the state would come with the optimistic check in Wednesday’s tally of new instances, whereas the metropolis would add it to Monday’s column.

Because the 3 percent threshold relies on a seven-day rolling common, it issues which day a brand new case is registered.

Another issue: antigen tests, whereas typically sooner, are less likely to detect an infection in people with a low viral load. New York State consists of antigen check ends in its official metrics. The metropolis does not. It depends solely on the extra delicate check generally known as a polymerase chain response. That’s why the state — which is counting each antigen and P.C.R. tests — might have a better tally for general instances in New York City however a decrease proportion of positives.

N.Y.C. says 3 percent of its coronavirus tests reveal infections. Why does the state disagree? The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Pehal News.

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