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NASCAR is sending driver Hailie Deegan to sensitivity training following her use of a slur during an online simulation race on Sunday.

Deegan was heard saying “This is fun. Oh, ay, who’s the r—-d behind me? Don’t do that please,” while streaming the iRacing event on Twitch.

Deegan, 19, apologized for the incident on Twitter, but NASCAR confirmed on Monday evening that it would require her to complete the program before the start of the 2021 season in February, when she is set to kick off her first full-time season in the Camping World Truck Series driving a Ford F-150 for David Gilliland Racing.

DGR has not commented on the incident, but Ford said she “acknowledged this mistake, has apologized and promised to be much more thoughtful in the future.”

An iRacing spokesman told Fox News that it does not comment on individual members, but that its code of community standards does not allow the type of language Deegan used and that the Chief Steward of the platform reaches out to anyone who violates it to address the situation.

Last April, NASCAR suspended Cup Series driver Kyle Larson after he used the N-word during an iRacing event and had him complete sensitivity training before reinstating him to the series for this year.

NASCAR sending driver Hailie Deegan to sensitivity training for using slur during online race The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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