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A brazen group of carjacking suspects — including some described by victims as young “kids” — are preying on motorists in three states, New Jersey police said.

All of the incidents in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania are believed to be tied to the same group from Wilmington, Del., police said.

Cops in Carneys Point, NJ, pursued two stolen cars in the township Tuesday, including one from Delaware and another from Penns Grove, NJ, police said in a public safety alert.

The suspects were spotted driving “extremely” aggressively and recklessly as they eluded cops. Later Tuesday, a group of unidentified armed suspects carjacked a vehicle in Wilmington before driving to Carneys Point, where they tried to victimize another driver, police said.

“They used a handgun to threaten the victims, and fled when the victim screamed,” police said in a statement.

The accused carjackers are believed to range in age from young teens to young adults, police said.

“Some victims have described them as ‘kids,’” the statement continued. “Their activity is at random hours during the day and night, and have taken place in neighborhoods and business areas.” Tuesday’s police pursuits were suspended for safety reasons, Carneys Point police told NJ.com.

“We have had 12 pursuits with this crew since September,” Lt. Dale VanNamee told the outlet.

“Their M.O. is to pull door handles and see which vehicles are unlocked and have keys left inside or putting a gun in the victim’s face and demanding the vehicle,” the alert continued.

Anyone with information about the carjackings should call Carneys Point police at (856) 299-1356.

NJ cops issue alert on carjacking ring involving young ‘kids’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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