Norman Lear Celebrates “Return Of My America” Upon Joe Biden-Kamala Harris 2020 Election Win – Thebritishjournal Reports

Industry juggernaut and legend Norman Lear celebrated Joe Biden’s Presidential Election success on Saturday morning, joining a number of Hollywood figures rejoicing in the former VP’s win.

“In 98 years, I don’t believe I’ve experienced a more joyous morning than this one,” the multi-hyphenate said in a social media post.

On Saturday morning Biden and now Vice President-elect Kamala Harris triumphed over Donald Trump and Mike Pence, with the AP and multiple networks declaring 273 electoral votes for the Democratic ticket. The World War II veteran reveled in the political success, remembering his time serving for the nation.

“I could not be happier, more content, more excited about the return of my America,” he said. “I feel that it had been lost in recent years, and I flew 52 missions in WWII, with the same kind of love I’m experiencing with this moment, with the joy in knowing we have a solid president for the next four years and a return to sanity.”

Lear, who has negatively criticized Trump and once called the sitting president “the middle finger of the American right hand,” brought his social media post to an end with a grateful message to the general public.

“God bless you, America,” he said.

Norman Lear Celebrates “Return Of My America” Upon Joe Biden-Kamala Harris 2020 Election Win The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Deadline.

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