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Nvidia has started teasing its RTX 3000 series launch for laptops. The GPU manufacturer is holding a virtual press event for CES tomorrow, and it’s widely expected to unveil the mobile versions of the RTX 3000 series GPUs. A new teaser video includes a very clear hint of a laptop, alongside some other announcements that Nvidia is likely to make.

Tom’s Guide notes that the teaser includes four images: a gaming laptop, the Outriders game, a GeForce RTX logo, and resizable BAR (Base Address Register). The gaming laptop hints at the RTX 3000 mobile GPUs, but it’s also likely that the RTX logo teases further desktop GPUs. Rumors have suggested Nvidia is ready to unveil an RTX 3060 GPU that will be priced below Nvidia’s latest RTX 3060 Ti card.

The resizable BAR support seems like a hint for an upcoming driver update for Nvidia’s RTX cards. Much like AMD’s Smart Access Memory, Nvidia can boost the throughput between a CPU and GPU to improve framerates. Motherboard manufacturers will need to supply BIOS updates to enable this for both Intel and AMD CPUs, but Nvidia’s teaser suggests it’s ready to roll out the necessary driver support, too.

Nvidia is holding its CES press event at 9AM PT / 12PM ET on January 12th, and we’ll be covering all of the announcements as they happen.

Nvidia teases RTX 3000 laptop GPUs for January 12th The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Verge.

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