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Conservative journalist Susan Ferrechio took issue with New York Magazine writer Olivia Nuzzi on Saturday for penning that her lasting image of President Trump was of a man with “one finger on the nuclear button, the others glued to his phone.”

“Wait was he threatening to use nukes???” Ferrechio, the Washington Examiner’s chief congressional correspondent, balked. “Whoa. I don’t remember that story! If true, it is absolutely astonishing. If not, it’s the kind of garbage journalism that Makes Things Worse.”

The quote was from Nuzzi’s latest piece, “Silence of the Damned,” which discusses the political fallout of Wednesday’s U.S. Capitol riot. It was the magazine’s top story Saturday. 

In a subsequent tweet, Ferrechio mockingly speculated how the media might cover the next administration.

“I’m looking forward to the media coverage of the Biden years,” Ferrechio joked. “In one hand, President Biden’s fingers clutched his bottle of Aricept, in the other, the nuclear codes.” (Aricept is used by people with dementia.)

Nuzzi’s metaphor was a reflection of Democrats’ often voiced fears of Trump having access to the nuclear codes since before he was even elected.

And since Trump was banned from Twitter, liberals have decried the fact that he can’t tweet but still has access to the nuclear football.

“If Trump is too dangerous for Twitter, he’s too dangerous for the nuclear codes. Impeach him,” former Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro tweeted Friday. 

Ferrechio, also known for appearances on “The McLaughlin Group,” is married to Doug McKelway, a journalist for Fox News Channel.

Susan Ferrechio: NY Mag’s Trump ‘finger on the nuclear button’ claim is ‘garbage journalism’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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