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A Pennsylvania teacher has been suspended for participating in the DC riots on Wednesday.

The educator was not identified but works for the Allentown School District, The Morning Call reported Friday, citing a letter from Superintendent Thomas Parker.

The letter also does not specify the teacher’s school.

“We understand that many members of our community are upset by the image,” Parker said in the letter. “At the same time, the district has an obligation to respect the First Amendment rights of our staff and students.

“Because of the emotion and controversy stirred by the events of January 6, 2021, the teacher has been temporarily relieved of his teaching duties until the School District can complete a formal investigation of his involvement.”

Parker also warns that while “we all have the right to express ourselves, it is important to do respectfully,” calling on his staff to “think carefully about what they share online.”

The Keystone State teacher is one of many protesters who have been fired or asked to resign for taking part in the unprecedented demonstration against the 2020 election results in Washington, DC.

Bradley Rukstales, the CEO and president of Cogensia, was placed on leave following his unlawful entry arrest — a move he called “the single worst decision” of his life.

A lawyer from Texas was fired after posting video of himself trying to breach the Capitol building.

And former Pennsylvania State Rep. Rick Saccone resigned from his post as adjunct professor at Saint Vincent College, Fox43 reported.

Saccone posted a Facebook video saying, “We are going to run them out of their offices,” the outlet said. The clip has since been deleted.

Pennsylvania teacher suspended for attending DC protests The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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