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Ever since Ariana Grande put her then-fiancé Pete Davidson on blast for being well-endowed (ultimately, coining the 2018 phrase “big-dick energy”), it stands to reason that Davidson has been on many ‘a minds. Since the duo called off their engagement in October 2018, the SNL star went on to reportedly date several other celebrities. Although it’s not clear what Davidson’s current relationship status is, if the thought of cozying up to the comedian makes your heart sing, you’re going to need to know what Pete Davidson’s zodiac sign reveals about his relationship energy.

Born on Nov. 16, Davidson is a deep and sensual Scorpio. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is known for having an emotional intensity that is almost impossible to miss. If you’ve ever locked eyes with a stranger across a crowded room and felt a shockwave that resonated in the depths of your soul, chances are, you were vibing with a Scorpio. This sensitive soul learns early-on that wearing their heart on their sleeve can be a pretty gut-wrenching experience, so it’s common for them to hide their true selves.

It’s important to understand that Scorpio’s air of mystery comes from their guarded nature. For this reason, dating a Scorpio can feel like a mixed bag where you never really know what’s around each corner. One moment they could be scooping you up into a jovial hug, and the next, they could be gazing off into the distance looking pensive AF. However, part of Scorpio’s journey is learning that being vulnerable around the right people is actually good for them. For this reason, Scorpio does best with a patient, open partner who finds their fickle nature endearing.

Despite their aloof nature in the early stages of dating, once a Scorpio lets their guard down and falls for someone, they’re all in. An evolved Scorpio can make a loving, loyal, and fiercely-committed SO. At their best, they are quick-witted intellectuals who love making people think. However, once they let you into their inner sanctum, they will not tolerate a betrayal of any kind. When a Scorpio feels wronged, they can be one of the toughest zodiac signs to reconcile with.

Ultimately, dating a Scorpio can be a wonderful experience full of intensely meaningful moments. That said, fostering a genuine bond with a not-so-easy-to-get-to-know Scorpion takes time and consistency. But once you’ve made it past their armor, their thoughtful nature and caring spirit are oh-so-satisfying.

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