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The Ghost Recon franchise has a history of tagging in the protagonists of other Ubisoft titles, like the ability for players to play as an Assassin with a Creed in Wildlands. Now, it’s doing that again by adding Rainbow Six Siege operators to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

On Jan. 19, Ubisoft Paris is releasing a patch for Title Update 3.10 for Breakpoint, which will be free for all players. Alongside Title Update 3.10 is Operation Amber Sky, an event that begins on Jan. 21.

Breakpoint takes place on a fictional South Pacific island called Auroa. Players take the role of Ghosts, government agents who are sent to Auroa to stop Cole Walker. Cole Walker, played by The Punisher’s Jon Bernthal, is a traitorous warlord leading a force known as the Wolves. The island is also occupied by a PMC called Sentinel. Breakpoint lets the players loose in the open world of Auroa, where they can collect intel, get into skirmishes, and complete missions.

There are 9 free missions in the newest update, where Sentinel is producing a toxic gas called Amber Ruin. That means players will have to break into highly guarded locations and stop the production of the gas, while finding an antidote. Luckily, Rainbow Six Siege is there to help. Players who complete the missions will unlock “eleven unique rewards, including brand-new weapons and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege full skins.”

Completing the first mission of the event unlocks operators Ash, Finka, and Thacher. The player can switch out their normal Ghost teammates for some pals from Rainbow Six. Each operator’s weapons and unique capabilities come from their depiction in Siege, which means they play a little differently.

There will also be “more than 120 new customization items,” which include skins for the operators for those who enjoy dressing up.

Breakpoint will be available during a free weekend, which runs from Jan. 21-24. Free players will have full access to the base game, including the Amber Sky event. Progress will carry over from the free trial to the purchased game, if you enjoy your time in Auroa. The game is also going on sale, up to 85% on the standard and gold editions. The year 1 content pass will also be 70% off.

Rainbow Six Siege operators join Ghost Recon Breakpoint in new event The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Polygon.

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