Report: Anti Social Social Club Recruits Cactus Plant Flea Market and UNDEFEATED for Expansive Collaborations – News

Anti Social Social Club‘s Fall/Winter 2020 lookbook highlighted a vast array of playful graphic goods, including a peek at the covetable accessories accompanying the drop. What it didn’t reveal is two surprise collaborations with Cactus Plant Flea Market and UNDEFEATED launching alongside the first Fall/Winter 2020 drop.

The UNDEFEATED partnership yields a pair of printed items, each laden with wavy co-branding and some neon accents. The T-shirt features a large print of raised middle toes on the front, in place of middle fingers. Cactus Plant Flea Market, meanwhile, serves up a vast assortment of stylized items, ranging from hoodies to sweatpants and socks, all emblazoned with sideshow-like graphics and “FORESHADOW” text, plus the familiar Anti Social Social Club text. On the more understated side, the duo have realized a washed-out hoodie and tee, complete with tiny embroidered cactus at the chest.

Naturally, ASSC delivers a host of must-have accessories to round out its Fall/Winter 2020 collection. Home goods like thematic ice trays, incense and a calculator accompany various wearables that include packable pajamaes, gel sandals and even branded boxers. Tie-dyed socks, belts and branded masks are seasonless essentials, while the ASSC bike lock and pink apron are perfect for professionals seeking some statement collectibles.

Both collaborations launch on Anti Social Social Club’s website on Saturday at 8 A.M. PST.

Most recently, UNDEFEATED partnered with Starbucks for a surprising joint effort.

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