Rob Schneider mocks California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus lockdown guidelines – Thebritishjournal Reports

Rob Schneider mocks California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus lockdown guidelines

Rob Schneider made fun of California Gov. Gavin Newsom for the state’s new guidelines on gatherings as coronavirus cases continue to spike ahead of the holidays. 

The actor, who is vocal about his anti-vaccination stance, took to Twitter over the weekend to mock Newsom for what he sees as overly restrictive measures aimed at containing COVID-19 . 

The California Department of Public Health released revised guidelines for people who wish to gather that includes wearing a mask or face covering, limiting attendance to three households, ensuring that you’re only gathering outdoors, practicing physical distancing and avoiding singing, chanting or shouting. 

“Dear Emperor @GavinNewsom,” the actor wrote Saturday. “During our allotted 3 family limit this Thanksgiving, if my Aunt comes over, can I throw her a slice of turkey from the window? We promise NOT to sing… we will all just whisper, ‘PLEASE RECALL DIPS— GAVIN NEWSON!’”

This isn’t the first time the actor has been critical of the governor for his lockdowns. On Oct. 13, he tweeted another rebuke along with a criticism of the wine Newsom has a stake in. 

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“Enjoy @GavinNewsom 2020 Vintage Wine! A Smokey ash  flavored Cab with hints of incompetence & authoritarian overstepping. Who needs science? Just Lock yourself down & go bankrupt with this morally corrupt table wine with it’s bouquet of one man dictatorial rule & 16.8% tax,” he wrote

The former “Saturday Night Live” actor is rarely shy about speaking out on topics that are close to his heart, such as being against vaccinations and his grievances with big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Despite the criticism that Schneider and others have against the lockdowns in California, a recent poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies shows that a majority of residents in the state are happy with the Democratic governor’s handling of the pandemic so far.

As of Friday morning, coronavirus has infected more than 38,950,789 people across 188 countries and territories, resulting in at least 1,098,702 deaths. In the U.S., all 50 states plus the District of Columbia have reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, tallying more than 7,980,461 illnesses and at least 217,700 deaths.

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Rob Schneider mocks California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus lockdown guidelines The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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