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Salesforce, the company that owns the email marketing firm used by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee to send emails, said recently they had “taken action” against the RNC to “prevent its use of our services in any way that could lead to violence,” according to a new report. 

“We are all deeply troubled by the terrible events of January 6,” Salesforce said in a statement, referring to the rioting at the U.S. Capitol last week. “And while we all hope that they are never repeated, sadly there remains a risk of politically incited violence across the country. The Republican National Committee has been a long-standing customer, predating the current Administration, and we have taken action to prevent its use of our services in any way that could lead to violence.”

The statement came in response to a question by Vice about whether the company had prevented Trump from using the “[email protected]” email infrastructure after the campaign emails abruptly stopped following the unrest at the Capitol that left five people dead.

The lack of emails was a marked change from the multiple messages a day the campaign had previously sent post-election: between November 3 and January 6 the campaign sent 569 emails, according to the report.

However, the RNC told the outlet that “on Wednesday, we decided independently to stop fundraising on all of our digital platforms, including on Salesforce.”

The Trump campaign had also used email infrastructure from Campaign Monitor, which suspended its services with the campaign last week.

The emails repeated Trump’s false claims that the election was rigged and fraudulent and said Congress needed to be pushed to overturn the election results to give Trump a second term.

The messages come from the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., Save America, and the Republican National Committee,” according to the emails, and fundraise for the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee.”

The committee includes Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., Save America, and the Republican National Committee. Post-election donations have been used for Trump’s election lawsuits and recounts, while some of the funds have gone toward the RNC.

Salesforce ‘Takes Action’ to Keep Trump Campaign Emails from Inciting Violence The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ National Review.

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